Buy Diamonds Online

7 Reasons to Shop for diamonds on-line from our Merchants:

1. GIA Independent Grading Reports

All Merchants give you a report from a well-known independent gemological lab, like the world-famous Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Gem Trade Laboratory. This is your best way to ensure that the diamond you purchased is the one you wanted.

2. Quality You Can Trust !

Many people mistakenly believe that they must actually see a diamond to determine its quality. However, with a grading report and a little education, it’s easy to know whether a diamond meets your requirements. (After all, only a trained gemologist with the proper equipment would truly be able to determine a diamond’s quality by seeing it.) With a report you always know what you’re getting—according to the exact measurements, proportions and grades listed on the report—regardless of whether you’ve seen the stone.

3. Direct Online Values

Our Merchants are real Diamond cutters from all over the world. By cutting and polishing rough diamonds and bringing them directly to you, we are able to eliminate the usual ‘middlemen’, bringing you the largest inventory of diamonds in the world, all at incredible values.

4. If You Don’t Like Your Diamond, Return It!

All erchants have a Full Return Policy.

5. Safe Shopping Guarantee

All Merchants use the latest encryption technology to protect your online purchase.

6. Certified Merchants

All Merchants Go through many test to make sure that they are true to the word of the Merchant.

7. Expert Guidance

All Of Our Diamond Merchants have telephone support and all have email support.