buy vintage jewelry

What is considered vintage jewelry? How can you buy vintage jewelry? Where are the best places to buy vintage jewelry? What should you know before you buy vintage jewelry? What should you know about dealers who want you to buy vintage jewelry? When you buy vintage jewelry, you should always try to do your research first? First, know that the term vintage is applied to items at least twenty years or older. When you buy vintage jewelry it is important to keep this in mind. Also, when you buy vintage jewelry you need to be aware of the different time periods of vintage jewelry. You can buy vintage jewelry at many places locally. You can also buy vintage jewelry on many different websites and online bidding sites. Again, if you are looking to buy vintage jewelry for the purposes of collecting or as an investment, you should do your research. When you buy vintage jewelry you should be able to discern between high-end vintage jewelry and costume vintage jewelry. If you buy vintage jewelry of the costume variety, it will be more common and cost less. Therefore, most vintage costume jewelry is more for fun, but some can indeed be of value. Most of your value will come from the high-end vintage jewelry.

Again, vintage jewelry is any jewelry item that was made at least twenty years ago. Be wary of many vintage reproductions. This is a trend, especially in engagement rings, where for example a ring is a modern crafted piece inspired by the traits of vintage designs. Many vintage jewelry items, as previously stated will be found in the costume jewelry category. Vintage costume jewelry can be crafted from plated metals, glass, imitation gemstones, rhinestones and even plastics such as Lucite. Again, some vintage costume jewelry items can be of significant worth. Some well-known names of vintage costume jewelry include Chanel, Trifari, Carnegie, and Haskell. Just because a vintage jewelry item is of one of the better-known designers doesn’t automatically make it valuable. As with any other jewelry piece, the condition of the item directly correlates to its worth. Try and avoid by vintage jewelry that is cracked, broken, chipped, or tarnished beyond cleaning. Collecting vintage jewelry can be a fun hobby and can greatly improve ones style and wardrobe. Even if you are not collecting antique jewelry for investment purposes, it can be a fun way to find unique jewelry items.