cash for costume jewelry

Who in my town can I get cash for costume jewelry?

Do all stores pay cash for costume jewelry? Is there a set amount of cash for costume jewelry? What’s the best way to get cash for costume jewelry?  Who has the highest ratings and pays the most amounts of cash for costume jewelry? Getting cash for costume jewelry is a great way to make some extra cash. Cash for costume jewelry is another way to make a few extra dollars and turn that unwanted stuff into money.

Most people assume that in order to sell jewelry it has to be precious metal, know one thinks that people actually pay cash for costume jewelry.I can tell you that a great way to find a shop locally that pays cash for costume jewelry is to internet research. You can also check reviews and testimonials online and see who pays the most cash for costume jewelry. Many people assume that costume jewelry is worthless crap when in fact there is nothing further from the truth and you can receive cash for costume jewelry.

Costume Jewelry has a huge value in today’s market as well even though there is no precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium present in piece. There are not many places that appraise costume jewelry but if you have the time and wish to know what the value of some of your costume pieces are worth you can do a search for local costume jewelry stores who may be able to assist in getting you a price for your costume jewelry.

These are the most sought after names in costume jewelry both high and low value: Trifari, Coventry, Monet, Napier, Miriam Haskell, Chanel, Craftsmen, and Christian Dior.Costume jewelry will be signed or not signed collectors and customers alike prefer signed pieces because they can resell and list the artist so to speak with proof to back up there claim. Some pieces may be stamped with a maker’s mark which is just as good as a signature as long as it can be identified.

Just like there has been counterfeit jewelry since the dawn of time there are cheaper replicas of well known costume designers on the market that you have to be aware of when you buy or sell costume jewelry.  Costume jewelry buyers are experts at identifying these signatures and makers marks and will be more than happy to help you authenticate a piece if necessary