Wesellturquoisejewelry here in Las Vegas locally.

Wesellturquoisejewelry to both the general public and private collectors. At wesellturquoisejewelry we specialize in all things turquoise. Wesellturquoisejewelry that is both naturally formed and even the lesser valuable synthetic turquoise. At wesellturquoisejewelry we seek to know all things turquoise and turquoise jewelry. We at wesellturquoisejewelry are highly educated in natural and synthetic turquoise processes. At wesellturquoisejewelry we know that natural turquoise is formed when copper or aluminum mix or are weatherized by other things such as feldspar or copper sulfates. At wesellturquoisejewelry we know that only a few places around the globe are lucky enough to naturally produce turquoise.

These few locales are Egypt, Turkey, the United States, and Iran. Where turquoise is mined from and which process it undergoes to form is how it derives its coloring and patterning. At wesellturquoisejewelry we know that the only two places still mining natural turquoise are Arizona and Nevada, and the mine where the turquoise is harvested also lends its self to the name of that type of turquoise. This is the case with Sleeping Beauty turquoise, which is mined at the Sleeping Beauty mine found in Arizona. Naturally mined turquoise generally comes out in large pieces, unlike many other gemstones or crystals that come out in much smaller pieces. Natural turquoise is over cut, polished, and worked down to fit in metal settings.

The most traditional setting for turquoise jewelry is most often silver or sterling silver. However, turquoise takes on a whole new look and glow when set into yellow gold. Synthetic turquoise can be found in many modern interpretations of turquoise jewelry. Synthetic turquoise is much brighter in color, much smoother, and often has a shiny luster to it. Synthetic turquoise is often paired as accent pieces to more luxurious gemstones such as diamonds. A great combination of turquoise jewelry can be made for overlaying cut and bezeled quartz over brilliantly colored turquoise, to give it a diamond effect. At wesellturquoisejewelry we are familiar with both the more traditional and modern ways of working turquoise into jewelry pieces. Turquoise is often mimicked in many pieces of costume jewelry, for those who want the effect and coloring of turquoise but can’t afford the price of real, natural turquoise.

Turquoise is valued for its brilliant bluish-green hues, mimicking the hues of tropical seas. It is this unique coloring that lends itself to the tranquil and calming effect of the stone. Stop buy wesellturquoisejewelry today to find your perfect piece of turquoise jewelry to add to your wardrobe.