We offer the highest level of professional, friendly, and courteous service to make each transaction a pleasurable and lucrative experience for our clients.

We are certified by the GIA and carry an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.


1. You describe yourself as a “Licensed Buyer of Gold Jewelry”, why is licensing important?

A: Licensing is so important for the following reasons. We are required to have an extensive Metro and FBI background check to be a Clark County licensed jewelry buyer. When you sell to a licensed dealer you get the security of a safe environment in which to do business.

2. How long have you been buying jewelry?

A: We have been selling gold, silver and platinum jewelry and coins for over 25 years.

3. What about those ads that you see on TV, Newspapers, and Online where they ask you to send them your gold and receive a check in the mail?

A: It is always better to sell your gold to a locally licensed jewelry buyer. We will make you a cash offer and you have the option to take the offer or not. Once you mail your gold away, you lose all control and you are forced to take whatever they send you.

4. How is gold jewelry evaluated?

A: We use the latest technology, the X-Ray Spectrometer, to determine the gold, silver or platinum content of an item. Once the precious metal content is determined, the items are weighed and a cash value is calculated.

5. What does “karat” mean, what is the difference between 10kt and 14kt?

The interesting thing about gold it is that it’s all about percentages and numbers. 10kt is 41.7% gold, 14kt is 58.3% gold, 18kt is 75% gold, and 24kt is pure gold. The more gold content of an item, the higher the karat. We always pay in cash & will sort your jewelry by karat and to ensure you receive the most money.

6. What about broken gold jewelry, how does that compare in value?

That is the biggest misconception about jewelry. Broken gold jewelry is worth the same as non-broken gold jewelry. You know the box that is next to your Jewelry box that has single earrings, broken chains, and broken bracelets; We will turn that into cash.

We Buy Any Items Made From Gold or Sterling Silver Broken or Not